3/11 Fukushima, Japan

Whatever it is that you know about March 11, 2011 – Fukushima’s destruction – chances are that you are not including the fact that its history has been falsified, provably.

The historic earthquake named Miyagiken-Oki occurred in the Miyagi prefecture, on land, at precisely 14:46 local time and was registered as a JMA-7 event (highest level).

Supposedly the seaquake occurred at the same time (supposedly the exact same minute and second) but that is easily proven false.

Japan’s early-warning system (above excerpt) didn’t send out a tsunami warning for this earthquake (at 2.46 pm local time) at all. How could it? The earthquake was on land so no tsunami alert was needed.

According to the JMA the first tsunami warning was sent out at 14:49, a full 3 minutes after Kurihara City, in the Miyagi Prefecture, was hit by the above earthquake (at 14:46).

JMA’s tsunami warning came after the 11th quake had occurred after 14:46. The claim that a tsunami warning was sent out 8.6 seconds after the 14.46 earthquake is completely false.

There isn’t a single history book that I know of that tells the truth about Fukushima and Japan’s March 11 earthquakes.

Uncovering the truth about 3/11 starts with understanding and exposing the USGS and the news media their earliest lie.

What Does All of This Mean?

It means that the USGS has been able, all this time, to hijack Japan’s JMA and its early-warning system. The USGS’ main and initial ShakeCast system report of that day literally proves that:

The question here, of course, is: Why?

Why did the USGS, and through them also the media, lie about the events in Japan on March 11? Why has their ‘mistake’ never been corrected in the earthquake data?

What are they hiding? Who benefits from the USGS deceiving the entire world?

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