Facebook Bust is Freak Luck, KEEP DIGGING!

By bringing the Archimedes thread to the forefront several people have been digging deeper into the situation.

It appears that we are dealing with freak luck here, somehow Facebook overplayed its hand or the control grid syndicate (CGS) has failed to send out a proper memo to its assets.

In any event, until we can clear this out, what exactly has happened, we have to use this (for now) glitch to uncover more roots of the CGS.

We already know that the Archimedes Group made a mess of their own website when they were caught with their pants down.

UPDATE: Archimedes Group has now removed the “about page” and “contact page” from their website’s navigation menu. They don’t want newcomers to dig any further than we already have.

We know that Elinor Behar has at least some juicy details to tell us but of course she never will unless enough pressure is being applied…

“Alinadav and Hagar Hyman”

Now we also know for sure that Elinadav Heymann is/was the CEO of the same Archimedes Group. We can know this from monostream media sources but also from the fact that Negotiations.CH, where he officially was an expert before this freak luck, has severed all ties with Heymann. At least publicly, due to the information that was published by Facebook on May 16, 2019.

On April 8, 2019 Heymann was still listed on the Negotiations.CH website:

On May 16, 2019 he was still listed there, as Archive.org confirms.

“Elinadav Heymann has a Master in Political Science from the Hebrew University. He is currently CEO of the Archimedes Group. Before that, he was the Director of the EFI (European Friends of Israel) at the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, and Director of Political Affairs at the EFI. He worked as Senior Consultant for the T.A.R.A. Group, as Spokesman and Advisor for the Knesset and as Senior Intelligence Agent for the IDF Air Force. Working with groups and people involved in conflicts taught Elinadav Heymann on how to communicate over various channels, such as web 2.0 or with traditional media.”

Therefore we can be 100% sure that Negotiations.CH does, publicly, not want to have to do anything with the particular Jewish extremist sect that Heymann clearly is working for (revisionist zionist sect does ring a bell here).

Elinadav Heymann: “I’ve been involved in The BDS Working Group and The Definition of Terrorism Working Group

The “Definition of Terrorism Working Group” is obviously a product of the 1979 Jonathan Institute agenda that then stated about their 1979 conference: “it will be the task of this Conference to define the terrorist.”

Given his age and exposure Heymann does not seem to be a master puppeteer, he seems to merely be a puppet on a string but one that may have gotten much more exposure than was initially bargained for.

Heymann was/is involved in soft-subversion through the TARA Group.

Heymann is an author for HuffPost: “Elinadav Heymann has been the Executive Director of the European Friends of Israel since June 2012, having served as the organization’s Director of Political Affairs from 2010-2012. Prior to his work in EFI, Elinadav has worked as a Policy Advisor on Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament and as a senior consultant in the T.A.R.A strategic consultancy group in Israel. During his career in Israel, he has served as a Spokesperson and Advisor to various parties the Israeli Knesset for 3 terms. He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science for the Hebrew University.”

He has contributed propaganda at The Times of Israel, in 2014.

Heymann is also an AIPAC creature.


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