Subversion: Archimedes TARVA, the “Ultimate Campaign Management Suite”

Before the Archimedes Group got exposed they also listed their main product on their website. The product page, however, has been sent straight into the memory hole by now.

Still, when you pull up the html code for their product page you’ll get the image URL for TARVA:

The Archimedes Group sells TARVA to clients who seek to subvert domestically and abroad.

From their product page HTML code (the sloppy spelling is not mine):

“ARCHIMEDES TARVA is the ultimate campaign management suite. Developed by the intustry’s top-tier social media experts, and written by our elite progamers it includes mass social media campaign management and automation tools, large scale platform creation, and unlimited online accounts operation. License includes training and on-site implementation, as well as 24H/7D technical customer service. Please contact us for additional information and details.”


Naturally… Automatically…

We now arrive at Beer-Sheva’s CyberSpark, the Israeli Prime Minister’s central hub for cyber, digital and online spy and subversion operations. Both for his economic and political purposes.

After all, the Archimedes Group states that TARVA was created by elite programmers, so naturally they refer to programmers that are associated with Unit 8200, which is mainly stationed in the Negev Desert, like CyberSpark.

The fact that they try to hide this information from the public proves that we are dealing with a very crucial tentacle of the control grid syndicate.

This is exactly what I would expect to find if you’d have access to the CGS’ mainframe because it would show you how controlled the newswires really are, how few things that are being presented to the public around the world are not scripted. How few news items are really spontaneous and actual journalism. It’s ALL rigged folks.

Remember, this is merely a tiny window (for now) into the machinations of the CGS but you could already compare it with Amdocs and AT&T having been exposed as Mossad spy hubs by Carl Cameron, in the aftermath of 9/11.

That’s how important this freak luck bust is.

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste guys. They’re regrouping as we speak. Get them while you can!

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