Hagar Katzman, Wife of Archimedes Group CEO Elinadav Heymann

Elinadav, do you really believe that you can help destabilize and subvert African and European countries without any consequences for you and your family? Just for the money you were willing to endanger your wife, children and family. Wrong choice Heymann!

“Alinadav and Hagar Hyman”

First from the right: Sarah Heymann Lewis

Hagar Katzman (Facebook profile), also Hagar Katzman Heymann or Hagar Hyman, is the wife of Alinadav Heymann. Head of the Archimedes Group that Facebook brought to the forefront on May 16, 2019.

Heymann – Katzman family fun (youtube.com/watch?v=3Z-arGONphg) before the Archimedes Group had been exposed. Lets see if they will still have fun now that their lives are going to be uprooted because of Alinadav’s subversion tactics.

Lets hope that some seriously unstable individuals approach Alinadav like they did with the Sandy Hook actors – Robbie Parker et al.



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