Hagit Titievsky, Graphic Designer at Archimedes Group

To establish a connection between Hagit Titievsky and the Archimedes Group, that Facebook mentions, we have to go back to Shelley Zuckerman.

Zuckerman deleted his LinkedIn profile after having been exposed as an Archimedes Group and, thus, a control grid syndicate (CGS) operative.

Zuckerman works for Archimedes Group, Holon, Israel.

Hagit Titievsky also works for Archimedes Group, Holon, Israel. What are the odds of there being several Archimedes Groups in Holon, Israel? So, this can only be the same Archimedes Group. Especially when we consider Titievsky’s and Zuckerman’s roles/jobs at Archimedes Group.

Hagit Titievsky works as a Gallery Director at the Chelouche Art Gallery.

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