40 Years of Scripted “Terror” Narratives

July 2, 1979

The revisionist zionist organization Jonathan Institute, headed by Benzion and Benjamin Netanyahu, organized the July 2-5, 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.

There it was stated that “it will be the task of this Conference to define the terrorist.”

In a post-WW2 society the revisionist zionist cult, through the Jonathan Institute initially, took it upon themselves to literally reinvent “terror”, “terrorism” and “terrorist”. This should not surprise since the revisionist zionist organization and thus the Likud Party itself are part of the Irgun brigades their legacy.

According to Zbigniew Brzezinski “it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention … We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.”

Based on also the following statement by Brzezinski we know for a FACT that since then, the 1970s, all the “muslim terror” operations and narratives are the product of the former Jonathan Institute’s agenda as it was laid out during the 1979 “Conference”.

Le Nouvel Observateur: “it has been said and repeated: Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today…”

Brzezinski: “Nonsense! …”

Thus, all the narratives about barbaric muslims that you have been hearing during the past 4 decades are a direct result of this conference. Most of the events that did actually unfold or took place, “attacks”, were enabled by the Six Eyes. It couldn’t be any other way. EVERYTHING indicates that. NOTHING refutes it.

Fabricating fake events like the Rita Katz Beheadings and the ISIS Oilman Assassination are super easy when you control the newswires. We know how extensive the newswires are controlled when we look at, for instance, how much 3/11 is shrouded in secrecy and disinfo.

This also means that Judicial Watch and Infowars their infamous “ISIS in Mexico” stories were manufactured.

Psyop Ninja, 2015: “The latest psyop report and video that feature an Infowars ‘reporter’ and suggest that ISIS is going to attack the USA on its own turf is the final piece of damaging evidence that clearly proves that Infowars is not only pure mainstream but also is a deliberately deceiving and ISIS-camp-video-producing fraud and through it, which has a very big niche audience as we all know, a large portion of the truth movement or grassroots resistance is being effectively derailed and subverted. As it looks now, those who are the creators of other ISIS videos – the Israeli SITE Intel group, CIA, Mossad and their agents – in which fake ISIS beheadings are shown, believe that now is the right time to once and for all undermine and misguide the largest part of the potential resistance. Which is why I assume that they ordered some Infowars agent provocateur to create a customized ISIS video for Infowars. … It has been going on for many months already that Infowars editors copy the mainstream narrative concerning ISIS. This has allowed the ISIS scriptwriters, US and Israel government-sponsored agents and press, to successfully manipulate the audience of Infowars and all the audiences of websites and organizations that support Jones’ content and news feeds. … From reading the comments on Jones’ and related websites and forums it can definitely be concluded that a huge part of the so-called truth movement has been epically fooled and their minds and hearts been captured and convinced that ISIS is coming to the US, from their alleged training base in Mexico. A base that is of course as fake as the ISIS beheadings featured in the SITE Intel videos. You will see now for yourself how those Infowars and affiliated audiences will subscribe to any measures that their government(s) propose(s) allegedly in response to ISIS and to the to them falsely attributed psychological operations online. Just pay attention and read what these audiences write in general. It’s beyond obvious, really. … As for those residing in the USA, when the South borders close it won’t be to keep Mossad agents and immigrants out of your country. The borders will close only to keep you in, trapped!

… An alleged exclusive news story launched by Judicial Watch (JW) on April 14, an organization quite often referred to by mainstream media outlets to give credence to establishment articles and reports, that was meant to alarm the public about a supposed ISIS training camp in Anapra, Mexico and another supposed active ISIS cell in Puerto Palomas has gone horribly wrong and has failed to accomplish its mission. However, there’s a dangerous and deceitful twist to it. As soon as Judicial Watch published their ‘breaking ISIS news’ a huge portion of the so-called alternative media picked up the report and blindly started running dedicated broadcasts and articles on the matter. As a direct result of this they have misguided and deceived most of their alternative audience, sending them on a sidetrack that they can’t get off anymore. All credibility that these assumed alternative media outlets had acquired over the years is now gone for good. It’s a laughable situation that they’ve brought upon themselves.”

This also means that the Russian Government has been playing ball all along – to further its own interests – since RT, Russia Today, has been very supportive in undermining the grassroots rebellion, by pushing the same narratives that are born out of the original Jonathan Institute 1979 agenda. This too should not surprise since it is the Russian government’s aim, through RT et al, to subvert all NATO-members. “Western” conspiracy theorists and anti-government movements are merely renewable resources through the lens of the Russian government.

This also means that 9/11 was a direct product of the same Jonathan Institute agenda, more than 20 years later. That is why the 9/11 “truth” movement is not going to cause any real progress – as long as the control grid syndicate “owns” the newswires.

So, this also means that all the Bilderberg agendas that ever focused on “terrorism” (by extension Russian, Iranian,… aggression, see Brzezinski’s 1998 statements), which wasn’t really a popular phrase before the Jonathan Institute was created in the second half  of the 1970s, are a direct result of the Jonathan Institute 1979 agenda. It can not be otherwise since the carving out of the whole paradigm of today’s “terrorism” was the aim of the Jonathan Institute.

Evidently, what this boils down to is this.

Should these truths and this reality ever be given a much broader platform than today, the MONOSTREAM news media will be rendered obsolete because for decades they have deliberately been serving their audiences scripted narratives that are easily shredded by “investigative” or “citizen” journalists if they really wanted to. If I can do this alone ANYONE, potentially, can. They have, perhaps unknowingly, been advancing the Jonathan Institute’s 1979 agenda all along – up to this very day in 2019, 40 years later

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