New ISIS Leader Already Dead, Since 2017…

There are several other reasons why I previously called the “new ISIS leader” a phantom. One of those reasons is that he’s already dead for more than 2 years, if media reports are accurate.

Yahoo, AFP: “Citing Iraqi intelligence sources, [Hisham] Hashemi [an alleged “Iraqi expert on IS”] said that Qardash had been dead since 2017.”Qardash’s daughter is currently held by Iraqi intelligence,” he said. “Both her and other relatives have confirmed that he died in 2017.”

Abdullah Qardash, a.k.a. Hajji Abdallah

Based on this information it’s fair to conclude that the US government is deliberately misinforming the American people and the rest of the world, as it always has been doing, through their Rewards for Justice Program where Qardash (a.k.a. Abdullah al-Afari, a.k.a. Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla, a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim al Hashemi al Qurashi, a.k.a. Hajji Abdallah) is still listed as a wanted person.

According to also De Telegraaf the person in the above pictures is Abdullah Qardash:

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