108Morris108 Tribute

Maurice Herman (108Morris108) Passed Away. The Gentle Warrior Who Must Be Remembered for Always.

It was only last night, through MachinePiano, that I found out about Morris – that he passed away on October 1, after getting dengue in Cambodia.


I came across one of Morris’ online videos in 2013, it was about the Woolwich “attacks”. He explained how the official story could never have been what had actually happened there that day. I knew right away, by the way he conveyed his message, that I had discovered a true warrior.

In the following years we were in contact occasionally, through email and on the phone.

In fact, it was in 2014, when I was exposing that year’s ebola fraud (then writing for Truth Sector), that Morris contacted me for the very first time. He emailed me to get my number because he wanted to discuss the ebola hysteria on his Youtube channel.

A few years later Morris called me again, he wanted to do another video with me, this time about foreigners living in the Philippines (“European Living in the Philippines Does Not Want to Go Back to Europe”). Before his Youtube channel was pulled by Google, earlier this year, that video was the most popular on his channel with over 500,000 views. We were working on a follow-up because it was such a success. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to finish part 2.


Tribute to 108Morris108, by MachinePiano

(video link: youtube.com/watch?v=tpJIkVJbchk)


108morris108 Channel Terminated By Youtube – Now Dead

(Video link: youtube.com/watch?v=Q6oVwav5EcY)

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