Also US Senator Henry M. Jackson Was the Jonathan Institute’s Gateway to the US Government

On November 22, 2002, Caroline Glick wrote “A Return to Jacksonian Zionism“, for the Jerusalem Post…


“US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz received the Henry M. ‘Scoop’ Jackson Distinguished Service Award from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

What is most interesting about the Bush administration’s policies regarding international terrorism is that in large part, they were framed twenty-five years ago by the namesake of Wolfowitz’s award — the late US Senator Henry M. ‘Scoop’ Jackson. And the interesting thing about Jackson’s view of international terrorism is how central Israel’s unstinting war against Palestinian terrorism was in shaping his thinking.

The occasion at which Jackson articulated his thoughts most extensively was in a speech he gave in Jerusalem in 1979 when he addressed the Conference on International Terrorism sponsored by the Jonathan Institute named for Yoni Netanyahu. In his speech in 1979, Jackson referred to terrorism as ‘a modern form of warfare against liberal democracies’ whose goal ‘is to destroy the very fabric of democracy’.”



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