“A.I.s Are Not Wind-Up Automatons Who Execute the Laws We Put into Them ”

2017/10/26 – Earlier it was reported, or rather warned about, on intelsector.com that forces of darkness such as the NSA and the Mossad would easily get free and unhindered access to Hanson Robotics its SingularityNET A.I. “marketplace”.

“Watch out for Mossad/NSA hacking. They’ll rip you off. They’ll take your uploaded/available work for free and then deploy it for their own needs, to sabotage potent companies and governments that they don’t control or own yet.

By building your marketplace in this fashion you give the deep state factions in the US and Israel a wealth of knowledge that they wouldn’t so easily have on their own.

Don’t become a Miles Bennett Dyson.”

Today we find in one of SingularityNET their most recent blog posts that it isn’t necessarily dark forces from outside that can trigger unwanted events through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

They wrote:

A.I.s are not wind-up automatons who execute the laws we put into them –  no more than children follow the rules their parents give them. And besides, trying to defend against a more-than-human intelligence with any simple tactic is like playing chess against a smarter opponent and saying, ‘I don’t have to worry; I’ll defend by moving this rook here.’ The truth is that we don’t know whether Artificial General Intelligence will be nasty or nice. Like rearing a child, we have a non-deterministic influence on the outcome. As David Hanson of the SingularityNET team says, the aim is to create ‘super-benevolent super-intelligence.’ We must focus not just on making AI smarter, but also nicer.” 

As SingularityNET takes off, and allegedly thousands have already joined the “marketplace” or network, the initiators claim that there is no guarantee that what will come out of this experiment will be morally good or right results and products since there is no telling whether or not the created individual and consolidated A.I.s will respond and get smarter in accordance with our, human, needs and demands.

As SingularityNET claims in their blog post that the news media and the public seem to be too negative about A.I.s (doom and gloom), because they can and do also have positive functions in society it is claimed, SingularityNET itself provides further reasons to indeed be very skeptical about their initiative.

As it stands now, we, mankind, can and will create more artificial intelligence-steered entities that will autonomously develop out of our control and none of us anywhere on this planet can guarantee that all of this will stay peaceful and pro-human. No technology or enforceable accords exist that can prevent rogue A.I.s, whether that occurs autonomously or through input from government agencies for example.

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