“Alt News” Media Diverts Audience AWAY from Truth, Claims “ISIS”,” Al Qaeda” or “Others” Will “Carry Out a Devastating Explosion”

“Be it ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11.”



Earlier I described how alternative news media have been specifically positioned to (manipulated into) “divert(ing) huge (critical) portions of the alternative news media audiences away from the determined and dangerous activist rebellion by having them incrementally adopting the mainstream doctrines and narratives”. (In less than 6 hours that report has already been banned, blacklisted, downvoted and buried on and by very popular forums and comment sections that clearly are limited hangouts and controlled monitoring biospheres that need to stay sterile. No real activism is allowed there obviously. Why? Well, read the report and you’ll have your answer. It’s really easy to understand.)

Anyway, when you are not sure what this means or what this would look like, worry not, I have a perfect example for you that is very fresh.

Lets take a look at an “alternative” news media report, or rather propaganda piece, from “Activist” Post, titled “DHS Secretary Just Warned of ‘Severe Threat’ of New 9/11-Style Attack by ISIS and Al-Qaeda”

Remember that Activist Post (and the thousands of identical supposed alt news websites) is allegedly an alternative or independent news media outlet. It hates government and “mainstream” media lies and propaganda, their coverups and conspiracies. Right? Well, that’s what they want you to believe. My analysis, however, keeps exposing them and the hundreds of others out there as scammers. This is easily proven with their very own article (again).

Here’s a quote from their article:

“Islamic State and Al-Qaeda terrorists are plotting [<<<notice the mainstream propaganda terminology there] to take down a plane and carry out a devastating explosion on the same scale of 9/11 …’The terrorist organizations, be it ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that,’ the acting US secretary of homeland security, Elaine Duke said during a visit to the UK, as cited by the Telegraph.”

Read that quote again before you continue, because it may be confusing at first sight. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I’ll say even more, it is pure bullshit! Who writes these easily shredded scripts?

“Be it ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others … the intelligence is clear on that” – The DHS and CIA claim that they know that either “ISIS”, “Al Qaeda” or “others” will cause “the big explosion” (what does that even mean?). It’s one of the three, likely, but the intelligence is “clear on that”. Really? How is that clear? When you read that, nothing is clear at all. Who is going to blow something up? ISIS? Al Qaeda? Or others? And what? If it is not even sure WHO will do it, how clear is the “intelligence” on “what” then? Come on, ask yourself this very simple question. Who?

How is any sane person to take that total fabrication serious in any way? How can an alleged “alternative” news outlet (and they are not the only one!) blindly incorporate that into its own narrative without (again) losing ALL credibility enjoyed in the real activist rebellion?

If you thought that this was it, that this was the apex of the Activist Post mainstream drivel, you’re wrong. They top it all off with David Steele, a former CIA creature who believes that NASA is running pedo camps on Mars (without providing any proof for that obviously). That’s the guy they picked to support their narrative and stupid “news” piece.

Come on guys. You can’t take these people serious, can you? Surely the true rebellion deserves much better than that and should completely distance itself from the mainstream fronts like Activist Post and Infowars etc. I informed you several times about how they are undermining us. This latest is just another example of how they do that – because you and I know that hundreds, and even thousands, of untrained activists still take these guys serious and tend to rely on them for information.

You have to understand that when a compromised (former??) CIA creep can openly state that the governments are engaged in false flag events (which they are) that that means that they aren’t even worried anymore that such information gets out there and is being talked about in public. That is exactly why they have been feeding, also, the false narratives concerning the Vegas shooting. They are doing far more advanced stuff, like the fake news war, and couldn’t care less about anyone “finding out” that the US and the EU are funding ISIS and are staging their “attacks.” In fact they want you to know and talk about this stuff so you stay occupied with researching the older stuff. That’s exactly why Wikileaks, Assange and Snowden have been introduced to you. To keep you digging in piles of data that were “leaked” by the CIA themselves. Like I said before, I’m not going to be mocked while chasing my own tale.

The fact that my previous report about the fake news war is being sabotaged within the first hours since publication attests to that.