#FAKEisNEWS: The Manufacturing of a “Fake News” War

2017/10/21 – That there is widespread confusion I’m not going to deny. In fact I’ll be the first to point out that not only the mainstream public is confused about what is real and what is not, also the alternative news media audience is showing all signs of being lost in the information space.

Although both groups, both audiences, their confusion is understandable and even “natural” to a certain extent, it is at the same time creepy how fluent the manufactured fake news war unfolded and is now being waged.

Most folks are already beyond the point of no return, they will never recover from the damage that already has been done. Not because they wouldn’t want to but because they simply can’t. No offense, but…

…people “their brains don’t have the capacity to deal with technological change”Poynter, October 19, 2017

So, there certainly is confusion but it is important to know and understand that this stems from a controlled chaos that has been unleashed upon the general public. Especially online.

The “fake news” chaos that seemingly is random and spontaneous is in fact, when everything is taken into account, clearly organized, staged or manufactured – pick one, they’re all correct.

How does one know that the fake news chaos is staged or manufactured and that this is done, in a centralized way, by someone or a group of people who have masterminded it likely a few decades ago?

Well, everything points to that when you zoom out and investigate the alleged ‘spontaneous’ chaos.

There is a reason why Donald Trump for instance now stands as a synonym for “fake news”, that is not my opinion or by accident, it is a fact and a strategic step. He is even proud of using this phrase extensively (even claiming he invented it in some way).

Prior to the restructuring of this website (intelsector.com) I had a report up that showed how Donald Trump is being used by the power structure to:

  • Introduce new oppressive control measures that others would not be able to get passed without too much uprising and suspicion
  • Reset/wipe previous US government administrations their mistakes and failures [and blame Trump for new ones during his term(s) and the next president’s term(s)]
  • Divert the international opposition (the alternative news media audiences, “conspiracy theorists”, anti war and anti government movements) to have it support the US its age-old foreign policy of more and longer wars (after 9/11 the US government was losing on this front. Not anymore since Trump took office.)

All of the above has already been achieved or is well underway to be achieved completely, as envisioned by the power structure (or the “alphas of darkness” if you will).

The fake news war is simply one of the many tactics of the overall strategy of the old power structure to remain in power and at the top of the “food chain” or the social pyramid.

First of all, we have to understand what it will lead to, this fake news war. It will lead – in the long term – to most people simply giving up on wanting to be properly informed because already more than half of surveyed “internet and technology experts” are of the opinion that false information will crowd out reliable sources anyway. People (mainstream and “alternative”) will become so confused about what is real and what is not that they will just stop being critics of government and narratives and will spend their lives in even smaller and more scripted information bubbles that will (and already do) filter out anything that can undermine the manufactured realities that are being fed through Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

There is also a substantial portion of surveyed “internet and technology experts” that believe that technology will eventually allow “well-meaning actors” to win against online misinformation. What or who the well-meaning actors are is not immediately clear but from what it looks like they would be the ones who are orchestrating this fake news war because it is their game. Likely none of the surveyed “internet and technology experts” take into account the fact that the entire fake news war is staged so their optimism is tainted at best.

Now that we know what the goal is, we can more easily identify the rules of the ‘game’ and the tactics that are being used against us, the hardcore activist rebellion. We have likely never fought a war that is more important than this one.

  • Say that today’s fake news finds its “real” origins in antisemitism, in jew hate: “In fact, the charge of ‘fake news’ has roots in the dark world of American anti-Semitism and in the cries of Lügenpresse (‘lying press’) that once echoed in Nazi rallies. … ‘Fake news’ is a classic trope from the anti-Semitic, fabricated book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ […] The “Protocols” purport to be the minutes of a meeting in which Jewish elders detailed their plan to conquer the world. […] Through false stories and skewed analysis, the Jewish-controlled media would lead the masses to see the world not as it was, but as Jews wished it to be seen” (Washington Post)
  • Discredit all the news sources in the entire spectrum, mainstream and alternative (or “independent”). For the alt media we already know the tactic that the mainstream press and the governments use, just say it’s fake news or that it concerns ‘conspiracy theories’. For the mainstream press to become entirely discredited a role model or celebrity is desired who’ll lead the masses in that direction. We know that Trump is that celebrity, we know that fake news in reference to the mainstream press is his punch line. That eventually leads to, among other indications: “Poll: 46% of Americans believe major news outlets make up stories about Trump” (Vox). Eventually the fake news name tagging in reference to all news media outlets becomes a public reflex.
  • Deliberately undermine the credibility of the “reputable” press and the fact-checkers too: “Google Serves Fake News Ads in an Unlikely Place: Fact-Checking Sites” (New York Times).
  • Say that fake news will cause (or has already caused) instability and war: “How fake news helped shape the Catalonia independence vote” (Washington Post). “The fake-news hack that nearly started a war this summer [in the Middle East]” (Quartz). “Fake news websites could cause another MP to be murdered” (The Telegraph). Ironically, that same Telegraph article states: “websites that only present one side of the story risked ‘feeding an atmosphere of increasing hatred’.” That one likely takes the cake…
  • Create artificial mainstream alternatives. Sport the “evidence based” flag. Create an atmosphere where people falsely believe that they are part of the solutions and the change that the world needs. Present a new kid on the block, e.g. WikiTribune.
  • Offer false solutions to fake problems: “Italian schools’ newest class: Detecting fake news” (New York Post)
  • Establish fake news “museums” to allow the indoctrination of future generations.
  • Create a “news consumers’ movement” that defends the mainstream narratives and doctrines. Have citizens rat out each other for daring to consume political incorrect news.
  • Automate the flagging and oppression of “fake news”. Eliminate the human(s) (factors) that can be susceptible to activist rebellion content.
  • Undermine the actual, and shrinking, activist rebellion that is just too smart to be fooled. Have false alternative news websites pose as real activist websites (e.g. Your News Wire, Neon Nettle, AWD News). Let them spread false news stories and nasty propaganda that seeks to validate the wildest and most outrageous conspiracy theories that are not even supported by the very core of the activist rebellion (cause guilt or “fake” by association). Have activists, bloggers and citizen journalists unaware that they are spreading false news by making that “alternative news” appear as genuinely ‘underground’, radical and contradicting the mainstream media narratives and official story lines.
  • Divert huge (critical) portions of the alternative news media audiences away from the determined and dangerous activist rebellion by having them incrementally adopt the mainstream doctrines and narratives. For this, use the most popular “alternative” or “independent” websites and video and other broadcasting channels that are available (Infowars, Drudge, Natural News,…) and inject radical zionist agent saboteurs (e.g. Laura ‘Poison Ivy’ Loomer).
  • Have the activist rebellion and alternative news media associated with flat Earth theories and communities, regardless of them actually subscribing to such theories.
  • Avoid at all costs the revealing of the true nature of the climate and weather manufacturing agenda. Use catch phrases like chemtrails, HAARP, Agenda 21, depopulation and so forth but never get to the core of the issues. Have people use the wrong terminology when discussing weather and climate manipulation and engineering. Let, for instance, “HAARP” mean all geoweapons that are being used. Regardless where the target area for climate and weather engineering is located on the planet. Even if HAARP can never reach the said region on the planet still say it is HAARP. This will permanently derail any new potent activism.
  • Sabotage the meaning of “conspiracy”. Make everyone, including activists and “truthers”, believe that the word “conspiracy” means something that is just a theory, or that something is not true. Make the word “conspiracy” synonymous to “fake news”. This is now the case already! Many people, including ‘truthers’, use the word “conspiracy” completely wrong. For instance, you can easily find in forums and comment sections that people say, in reference to 9/11: “Oh, that’s just a conspiracy”. What they mean here is “oh, that is just a false rumor”.
  • Monetize “fake news”.

I know and understand that most activists and “truthers” will have a hard time figuring all the above out but someone should provide this information if at least one individual is serious about the activist rebellion its future and its success. I have searched for a similar report like this one but I haven’t found anything that was worth reposting or linking to. No offense, just stating my findings.

Now, who could pull this off? This manufactured fake news war? Well, that would be the same people that are behind the global weather and climate engineering programs; who have successfully corrupted the full news media spectrum; who have successfully nuclear blackmailed governments into submission; who have access to the real space programs; who own the Bilderberg and CFR participants and who control the BIS banking system. The ones that make Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look like a choir girl and choir boy.

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