Is Nickelodeon Sexualizing Teens (12-Year-Olds) with “Perverted” TV Programming?

2017/10/22 – I was sent two links this morning, one for a Youtube video and one for a Twitter thread, along with a message stating that Nickelodeon is sexualizing teens with often “weird” TV programming.

I’ve taken a look at what is being offered as ‘evidence’ for such claims (I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if it really is true though, we’re in very dark times anyway) and I have to say, some stuff that has been researched by two teenage “citizen reporters” does look creepy to me. Especially when you know that kids are supposed to be watching this stuff.

I admit most is (or seems) innocent and may be nothing more than that but a few items in the list are obvious references to porn (with kids, e.g. 1, 2).

The Twitter thread that was sent in (archived):

The Youtube video that was sent in:

Also this is weird, to say the least (in reference to Nickelodeon’s Dan Schneider):

The fact that this stuff was sent to many “alternative” news media outlets who seemingly don’t want to report about this, for unknown reasons so far, makes it just creepier.

Now, when you look at the music videos that are being released in Hollywood one shouldn’t be surprised at all to see the same sect also produce “suspicious” kids TV programming. We’re in very dark times and people seem to be OK with whatever the entertainment industry throws at them. People don’t ask questions anymore, or hardly, when kids are singing “we’re gonna die young” or when teen idols have concerts while sporting dildos… Think about that… Sad times indeed…