Vegas Shooting: Limited Hangouts and Saboteurs Continue to Undermine the Rebellion

2017/10/22 – I’ve kept silent about several other problems that the rebellion is facing in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting but since quite a few readers have been sending me links to reports and tweets that they feel I should at least review I will just write a new update today, for my main Las Vegas shooting report.

Deep State Intel

A recurring topic in the messages that I receive from readers (or trolls) concerns a Twitter account going by the name Deep State Intel. Folks claim that I need to include his research in my reporting because his analysis is “spot on”, so they say.

Well I had a closer look at that Twitter account and I have 3 things to say about it:

  1. Not once does the Twitter account itself mention “Israel”, “the Mossad”, “Arutz Sheva”, “Samir al-Hajib”, “Kol Yisrael”, “Reshet Bet” or “Israeli government”. Clearly we have no common grounds to establish any cooperation on. Not mentioning the Israeli government’s involvement in any way in this false flag attack is dubious at best (and any such tweets after this report goes online don’t count obviously).
  2. The account’s center piece argument is that no one got shot and no one got killed because there’s no footage of any real blood. Well, you can perfectly have crisis actors being part of a drill or exercise and at the same time have real dead people as well. Why would that not be possible? Ask yourselves that first because…. Clearly on 9/11 (2001, USA) and on 3/11 (2011, Japan) exercises were going on, enacting the exact same events (at the exact same time) and story lines that eventually took place for real and in both the U.S. and Japan people died on those days. So the entire premise of “you can’t have both” (i.e. real & drill) at the same time is BULLSHIT! Stop spreading your silly “analysis”. I’m not impressed by it.
  3. It seems that all this Twitter account really is is a controlled deep state account (at best) that is directly linked to the Israeli secret service because: It doesn’t point out the actual state sponsors of the false flag attack (the Israeli and the US governments). It infiltrates and derails the US patriot movement by pushing the Israeli/Irgun/Likud war on terror doctrine. It does this by repeatedly referring to the account’s operator his alleged 22-month tour in Afghanistan where he(?) allegedly fought in the war on terror campaigns, while never saying that those campaigns are based on Likud propaganda and are pretty much manifestations of the Zionist Protocols.

Another popular topic in the messages and comments is Jim Fetzer’s rumored parting from the Rense operations. About that I haven’t much to say but I do want to point out the articles on Rense his website that clearly show that Rense is also deliberately undermining the rebellion. According to Rense his view ISIS did Las Vegas (which is why Fetzer left or was forced to leave the Rense network) but that is of course a big fat lie because by now we should all know, and especially Rense “the expert and father of conspiracy theories”, that the “ISIS” narrative is an Israeli government creation.

You shouldn’t take the Israeli involvement lightly at all and not mentioning it while knowing about it is a true sign of being a total asshole that seeks the demise of the real rebellion, the real resistance (not the coopted one that Alex Jones wants you to be part of). Israeli involvement is a cornerstone of the Las Vegas false flag event.

For those who still don’t understand how this is easily proven, the Reshet Bet radio station that announced (too early) that a muslim attacked Las Vegas is an Israeli government owned station. It is part of Kol Yisrael, which is part of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (government owned).

Having that information put on air the way it happened means that the Israeli government wanted this information out there because the Israeli government wanted you to believe that. There’s no way, other than through foreknowledge, that the Israeli government could have known about the shooting and suspect(s), at all, before the Las Vegas news media did. “Foreknowledge” here basically means the same as direct involvement. Only that can explain how an Israeli government radio station would be spouting muslim terrorist propaganda before anyone else would and before the Las Vegas news media even knew what was going down in their own city.

The other messages that got sent in, mostly about “Paddock” and “Campos”, I’m not going to address here because all are false leads and occupy time that we don’t have. Paddock and Campos are inventions, I have said that very early on in my investigations and expanding on that once more I will not. I’m not going to grant the trolls the pleasure of having me repeating myself over and over again simply because they feel that I can still be duped into giving any credence to their paddock and their Campos cartoon characters.