AFTERMATH: We’ve Discovered Their Critical ‘Buttons’ to Press; a Resistance Network Alert System

As acknowledged through the reposted RNAs, and have been under sustained attacks since December 23, 2019.

Although normal access to and has seemingly been restored, the war is far from over! However, since we did get the word out about “The Manufacturing of a Fake News War” and “Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon” – and since our access has been restored – we consider this a battle that we have WON. Obviously, this will have lasting consequences for both websites because the control grid syndicate is now fully aware of our operations (good… finally!!).

Their Critical ‘Buttons’ to Press

From their attacks we can conclude that these are their critical buttons that we MUST keep pressing:

  1. The Manufacturing of a Fake News War: This war itself is, obviously, NOT fake. It’s a ‘fake news” war. What is the most disturbing is the fact that everything laid out in the report is true (to the best of my knowledge), or at least close enough to the truth to have them attack both websites simultaneously ( and This has serious, serious ramifications for the further existence and credibility of what is known as the “truth movement” or, less accurately, the resistance. The fact that the report exposes in detail the MO of this particular war that is being waged should mean one thing only for the actual resistance network: Regroup – and rethink who you rely on for your information in the so-called alternative media. The report, basically, explains what to look out for and how to spot the deceivers that are operating within the actual resistance. These must and will be snuffed out, no more excuses.
  2. Radioactive Chemtrails: Clearly, “chemtrails”, or solar radiation management (SRM), are real. The only thing about them that they don’t want you to know is that they prefer to use radioactive particles while spraying the skies. They don’t care that you know about aluminum and barium being sprayed, as long as you’re not aware of the thorium oxide and other radioactive nuclei being deployed against you and I.
  3. Rita Katz: She really is a mossad/CIA creature! But you’re not supposed to know that. If you can afford it, subscribe to her paid SITE Intel “terror updates” so you know exactly what she is feeding the news media and governments. Learn about the propaganda and lies before most of us do. Send it in and we’ll republish it accordingly.
  4. Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake March 11, 2011 (3/11, Japan): The falsifying of historical and scientific literature and records is proven through the fact that the Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake of March 11, 2011 has been expunged by all “authoritative” sources (shut up or die). It never happened according to the IAEA, the USGS and of course Wikipedia (that millions of people rely on for alleged “vetted” information). The fact that also this exposed truth triggered all censors is reason enough to further inform the public about what happened in Fukushima and the rest of Japan, on March 11 of 2011. I already have followup reports lined up about 3/11.
  5. Flu Vaccine Effectiveness: Clearly, today’s flu vaccines are not as effective as advertised. Vaccine effectiveness of merely 36% is truly not worth the risk of getting poisoned by these flu shots. Prove me wrong with actual, unbiased, data.
  6. Bitcoin Zionists: 100% sure, this was THE reason why they decided to go in overdrive with their attacks on and After all, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that revisionist zionists are in control of Google, and through it the minds of 100s of millions of people around the world. Google controls, roughly, 90% of the search engine market globally. Folks, when you search for bitcoin zionists with a search engine you’re not supposed to get toxic antisemitism propaganda thrown at you by ANY search engine, unless a search engine is a weapon – aimed at YOU. Instead you should at least have 1 search result in the top 3 that discusses or mentions bitcoin in some way. With Google, instead, all three of the top results are antisemitism propaganda that don’t mention bitcoin in any way whatsoever. To further prove this point, lets see how well Yandex (Russia’s main search engine) does, using the same query: click here to see the results.
  7. 9/11 Truth: Not just fringe people who oppose their governments are in search for the 9/11 truths. Everyday people, who pay their taxes without normally questioning authority, are seeing the growing cracks in the official 9/11 narratives. In order to try to change these folks their minds Google makes it appear that only weirdos look into 9/11 facts, not average Joe and Jane.

Resistance Network Alert (RNA)

The true resistance, the actual information rebellion, is finding it harder and harder to break through the censors, that is reason enough to implement a Resistance Network Alert system. Especially after this recent episode of attacks.

Imagine fighting on the front lines in this war and you’re under attack, only to find out that just a handful of allies are out there willing to stand by your side  or just a handful are aware of your situation. This MUST be addressed and this situation must be improved immediately.

With a proper RNA system in place we will at least have greater leverage when one or more of us are under attack.

With an operational RNA system we can SWIFTLY alert the resistance about ongoing attacks on our network. Without it we are doomed! It’s that simple.

Get together now and start implementing this RNA system. When you are under attack we will inform the public through INTELCASTER.COM, ITNT.NEWS and any other webpage we can get access to.