Message to Kurt Nimmo: Now is NOT the Time to Give Up. Really, it is Not.

The following message is my response to Kurt Nimmo’s latest blog post: 2020 Prognostication and the End of this Blog.


Regardless of all the valid points you make, now is not the time to give up. Really, it is not.

I understand the frustration but this should not be the way forward for the resistance, to give up…

Please, take some time off, as long as needed. We all need time off but don’t give up. Don’t let the resistance down. Come on man, you know well enough that a real warrior never gives up. We fight till we die.

We are not cowards like those who hide behind their illusive/elusive networks of darkness.

Again, take some time off – but don’t stop fighting shoulder to shoulder with the REAL resistance, not the fake “resistance” that has long been co-opted.

Arthur F. Wayne