My 2015 Infowars “Truth Racket” Prediction Was Correct

Back in 2015, for different websites, I wrote about how Alex Jones’ Infowars was the black hole in the “truth movement” that would eventually neutralize large swaths of activist collectives and resistance outposts.

Then, I pointed to the fact that Infowars had created its very own ISIS propaganda video in which Jones’ truth racket made it seem like he and his “journalists” were being threatened by ISIS, the Islamic State.

I also wrote, in 2015, that:

“It has been going on for many months already that Infowars editors copy the mainstream narrative concerning ISIS. This has allowed the ISIS scriptwriters, US and Israel government-sponsored agents and press, to successfully manipulate the audience of Infowars and all the audiences of websites and organizations that support Jones’ content and news feeds.

[…] These audiences have effectively been preconditioned to eventually give their full support to the US government (that they supposedly hate so much) to further expand and impose the already extensive police states around the world and the deceitful war on terror doctrine.

What we are witnessing now is likely one of the final moves to absorb and render completely worthless those groups of people who are assumed to belong to factions of the truth movement that eagerly and blindly give into the authority that they apparently recognize in Alex Jones and his truth racket.

From reading the comments on Jones’ and related websites and forums it can definitely be concluded that a huge part of the so-called truth movement has been epically fooled and their minds and hearts [have] been captured”

Today, I point to Alex Jones his new year’s eve article, ““The Anti-Benghazi”: Trump Mocks Hillary’s Disastrous Benghazi Moment After Sending Marines to Crush Jihadist Uprising at US Embassy in Iraq”, to prove that my prediction was correct.

Back in 2015, before Trump was president, Jones, his truth racket and their “truther” followers all were against the “war on terror” and against the US invading foreign lands. They “knew” that the US military was in Iraq just for the oil and not “to spread democracy”.

Today they are FOR invasion of foreign lands, they no longer oppose the US government’s theft of Iraqi oil and they celebrate when the US government sends reinforcements to snuff out legitimate rebellion in Iraq, rebellion that exists because Iraqis (and the rest of the world) are sick and tired of the western aggressor that keeps getting away with its war crimes, lies and sabotage that Infowars’ truth racket now fully supports and suddenly doesn’t want to talk about anymore – like the cowards that they are.

Trump was “Sending Marines to Crush Jihadist Uprising at US Embassy in Iraq”, according to Jones.

Iraqis and their allies who fight back against the occupation of their country by the US (Iraqis who would be called “rebels” in 2015) are now labeled, by the Infowars truth racket, jihadists who need to be “crushed”.

Fuck you Alex Jones… and your truth racket!