The US Military’s Days in Iraq Are Numbered

ITNT – Except for a few dozen corrupt politicians, no one in Iraq wants the U.S. military presence there. That’s the message that Iraqis are sending to the rest of the world, but to the US government in particular.

This is not a theory, we find this message in the mainstream press their own reporting.

“In an ominous sign for the Americans’ ability to stay, the Iraqi authorities, who had prevented previous demonstrations from getting near the embassy compound, allowed the protesters on Tuesday to march on it unimpeded.”New York Times

“The air strikes have galvanized calls inside Iraq to expel U.S. forces, not just from Iran-backed militias but also from their political rivals.”Reuters

Like it was the case in Vietnam, the US has made things only worse in Iraq (deliberately). The US its brigandage across the world has resulted in it being the most hated country in the world. And rightfully so.