NO Rita Katz, No One is Buying the ISIS-Coronavirus Connection that YOU Are Trying to Manufacture!

Rita Katz (SITE Intel) is famous for manufacturing ISIS story lines, that’s what the establishment press is paying here “subscriber list” fees for.

As was to be expected, Katz is trying to manufacture a link between the 2019-2020 coronavirus outbreak and the Islamic State (ISIS). She claims that “ISIS” is calling the outbreak in China a punishment from god. She’ll build her new campaign of lies further on that, later.

As always, she never provides any evidence and sources for her claims. She can’t, of course, because she’s the one inventing all this crap – constantly.

UPDATE: Her propaganda is being picked up by Homeland Security Today and others, that much can be concluded from the image that Homeland Security Today uses for its article “ISIS Lauds ‘Death and Terror’ of Coronavirus Outbreak“. It’s an image that Rita Katz released (and likely had made for her) through her SITE Intel subscriber list.