Coronavirus Outbreak Shows that ‘the Resistance’ is NOT Prepared for Major Events

DISADNET – At times like this, the Resistance should be the most trusted source for information vetting and reporting. Sadly, we still have a long way to go until that becomes reality.

The current coronavirus outbreak has already shown that the Resistance is not equipped and is not trained to handle an event of this kind and size.

Where heads of multinationals, banking, the monostream media and the military have had at least 4 major exercises in the past – Clade X, Dark Winter, Atlantic Storm and Event 201  – through which they seek to streamline their situation management, the Resistance is merely at a stage where it still largely falls victim to disinformation warfare campaigns that disrupt the Resistance its operations and that destroy the Resistance its credibility.

The only way for the Resistance to become a force to be reckoned with is by implementing an extensive cooperation strategy and framework. We don’t have that today and that is why we are now, at such a critical moment, failing to convince the public that we are defending their interests, their safety and certainly not least of all… their sanity.

DISADNET, therefore, invites all Resistance outposts to this discussion – and this brainstorming – that we should have had a long time ago already.

The fact that one considers his/her organization, website or activities an outpost of the Resistance comes with the responsibility to also think, plan and act like a Resistance outpost. That is a very big responsibility and requires a big commitment. Dedication and cooperation are, thus, cornerstones of the strategy and framework that we must have in place as soon as possible.

To have such a strategy and framework in place, we also need to provide proper training for people who are recruited by the Resistance. Proper training only is possible when there’s extensive cooperation between Resistance outposts. That’s yet another problem that is hardly being addressed.

If the Resistance wants to see a future where we actually win more battles than we lose, in the information wars, then this moment in time – and this current situation – is where all true Resistance outposts must step up to the plate and take on their share of the burden.

Being prepared means that the Resistance too, for instance, organizes exercises that are not just meaningful but crucial. Only through such exercises can trust be established. Without trust there can never be a true Resistance.


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