2019-nCoV: There’s No Consistent Pattern to Link 5G to Coronavirus Outbreak

INTELCASTER – Rumor has it that the rollout of 5G is to blame for the coronavirus outbreak. The theory is that the virus was created to kill off the population globally and to make sure the plan works ‘5G’ was deployed (allegedly, the radiation “boosts” the virus).

However, so far the reported data does not support that theory.

With GSMA’s 5G Coverage Map & Statistics you can follow the rollout of 5G around the world. Currently their map looks like this (map below), with a full 5G rollout in China, South Korea and Australia. Italy has had several test launches in 2019. While there’s seemingly no 5G in Iran.

The 5G map with coronavirus cases combined:

  • There’s no 5G in France, although it is reported that 191 “confirmed” 2019-nCoV infections exist in the country.
  • There’s no 5G in Iran, although there are 1,501 reported infections.
  • There’s no 5G in Japan, while the country has, reportedly, 274 2019-nCoV cases.
  • Italy is merely in its testing phase with 5G, yet reports 2,036 (or less) coronavirus cases.
  • As of today, Australia reported a total of 31 lab-confirmed infections, while the country had already “fully launched” 5G before the outbreak.

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