It’s Time We Say it, the “Coronavirus” Campaign is an Advanced Psychological Operation

INTELCASTER – A psychological operation, in a nutshell, is an operation that is devised to influence the public of certain regions, or in this case ALL countries. Those who run the operation do so because they want to advance one or more of their secretive agendas. This is done by injecting disinformation and misinformation into articles and reports that are being disseminated by the press and government agencies. That’s how they ‘program’ the public’s perception. That’s how they seek to create ‘useful idiots’, in their view, to make the psyop work.


That this is exactly what is going on with the coronavirus “outbreak” is indicated by, well, almost everything you’ve heard and read so far during this outbreak.

By now, technically, we are already experiencing a pandemic (global outbreak), even if only half of the ‘official’ numbers are true. Yet, the WHO has not declared the outbreak a pandemic. But… we know why!

That by itself proves that the coronavirus story is being fabricated along the way.


Obviously, it would be suspicious when ‘the news’ started to report the exact same number of 2019-nCoV cases – region after region, country after country.

That, however, is exactly what has been going on.

Malbrán (Argentina), Daegu (South Korea), Veneto (Italy), Japan, Australia, Sweden, Canada, California, EU, Modena (Italy), England, Thailand, Boston, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Singapore have all been reported about in the ‘news’ as having registered 33 cases of 2019-nCoV. What are the odds? Does anyone actually believe those numbers?

Update: Also the Bay Area (San Francisco) now mysteriously has “33” coronavirus cases. This number was provided exactly 22 minutes ago, at the time this update was published on March 6, 2020 (13:07 GMT+8).

Update: The ‘news’ media is reporting “33” cases in Delhi, India (March 5, 2020).

Update: “33” cases in Quebec, Canada (March 5, 2020).

Update: Allegedly, “33” new cases in Rimini, Italy (march 4, 2020).

Update: Also in Spain there were “33” cases (February 28, 2020)

Update: “33 corona patients” in Brabant, The Netherlands (March 3, 2020)

Clearly, when you understand how an advanced psyop works, someone is feeding the monostream media scripted stories that do not reflect the actual state of the ‘outbreak’. Clearly, someone, some sect – the control grid syndicate – is toying with the public. They are trying to play a mind game with you and they hope you’ll never notice it.

That this is really a psyop, an advanced one, is reflected throughout the narratives that are being sent into the world:

The day they changed the method for diagnosis (February 13) they also changed the name of the virus and the disease. That’s when we started to register the ‘official’ numbers in a different way because then we knew for sure that we were being fooled by the control grid syndicate – which is using the WHO as their mouthpiece.

This psyop is the most difficult one I’ve ever had to decode in more than a decade. I have not seen a psyop this advanced since 9/11, which itself was highly advanced at the time, in 2001.

“Conspiracy Theories”

Another way to detect the deception, the psyop, is by looking at the ‘counter’ campaigns that are being hatched (by controlled opposition outlets and individuals), which are another reason why this psyop has been so hard to decode.

The false conspiracy theories, like “the novel coronavirus is laced with HIV”, that have been sent into the world, by dubious individuals who mysteriously find their way to the controlled opposition within the “alternative” media (hence monostream media), are likewise more advanced. It is to say, more confusing and more technical – because of their use of very difficult medical and technical descriptions that the average person simply does not understand and, thus, finds harder to not believe.

Another such false “underground” theory claims that 5G is responsible for “COVID-19” (2019-nCoV), in that 5G radiation allegedly boosts (or even activates) the virus. A theory that already has been proven false.

Contrary to such false conspiracy theories that mysteriously and instamatically go viral in the “alternative” media, actual indications of real conspiracies, including the coronavirus conspiracy that Larry Summers is involved in, are not picked up by those same controlled opposition outlets and individuals.

Even though Larry Summers earlier was considered a “globalist insider” by those same controlled opposition outlets.


The way china has been profiled during this ‘outbreak’ is pretty much on par with how Russia was profiled during the Cold War and that is very suspicious. The same “alternative” media outlets that are spreading false conspiracy theories happen to be the ones that also demonize China in the worst possible ways, as they are assisted by their “mainstream” collaborators.

One such example is the case of Jennifer Zeng, who is being paraded in front of dozens of “alternative” media camera lenses and featured in countless “underground” reports as a trustworthy “insider”.

However, it has been documented that Zeng is deliberately spreading disinformation, including a claim (by her only) that says that the CPC (Communist Party of China) is telling the Chinese people that the coronavirus comes from planet Mars. Peculiar how also one of Robert David Steele (another controlled opposition asset) his claims is about Mars, insinuating that the “deep state” operates a slave colony on the red planet.

Zeng has tried to delete all proof of her lies but some evidence still remains.

Zeng is part of the Falun Gong community, which itself is, at least partly, funded by the U.S. government. Allegedly, spying is part of the program.