Message to Resistance Outposts: NOW is the Time to Get Your P2P Backup Systems in Place. DON’T WAIT.

DISADNET – With the coronavirus information war spiraling out of control, beyond anything we have ever witnessed in the age of the internet, the risks for our communications are increasing fast.

Although there’s no immediate sign that all email communications will be blocked, we can no longer rely on the conventional communication channels alone.

We find ourselves in uncharted territory, so it is extremely difficult to estimate how far “they” are going to take this information war and for what agendas they have shifted this war in overdrive.

Stay alert.

Get the Bitmessage client today to get familiar with Bitmessage. It may one day be one of the few communication alternatives that you will have.

This is not fearmongering, this is preparing long enough in advance for times that will be much harder than what we are experiencing now.