Coronavirus: Fake Resistance Pushing for MORE Lockdowns

“Let’s take a peek at how close these two morons are sitting… roughly a foot from shoulder to shoulder as they tell us we arent staying far enough away from each other.. lol. These FAKE news stations need to be shut down,” states one comment under Infowars’ article.

INTELCASTER – To no one in the true Resistance their surprise, the Infowars truth racket is now siding with the other monostream media outlets as they call for stricter containment measures.

“The British government STILL has not advised against mass gatherings despite virtually every other government in the world having done so,” Steve Watson wrote for Infowars and Summit News (“Piers Morgan Blasts Stupidity Of British People Still Going To Concerts, Marathons”). Implying that the governments’ power grabs are a good thing during these historic information wars, which are also enabling the rise of new tyrannies. The Danish parliament, for instance, just adopted a new law that gives them the power to forcefully vaccinate people. Allegedly to stop the coronavirus outbreak.

The fake resistance is clearly buying the scripted fearmongering propaganda that the de facto world government has been handing out during the past 2 months. Even though there’s nothing special about this coronavirus.


varnuke: “Piers Morgan is the top idiot among all idiots in the world. If the numbers stated for world statistics are accurate, they don’t even come close to the deaths in our country alone every year due to the seasonal flu. The whole world’s “leg is being pulled” big time! Someone deeply involved in the “New World Order” crowd is controlling this worldwide sensational panic stirring, using the media as the catalyst, is gathering shiploads of wealth into their portfolios. Testing is absolutely useless! Either you have it or you don’t. Those showing no symptoms outwardly or by testing, may still be infected and acting as a perfect hidden vector of transmission to others. The “genie” is out of the bottle, and it will not be put back into it. The only thing that anyone can do is treat the symptoms of what ails you, the same as with any other disease affecting you. This whole thing is so much BS, it’s hard to believe the majority of the worldwide population has swallowed all this hype.”

jonwid: “Less than 6,000 have died from this world wide. They are killing economies, destroying millions of service worker jobs because you might catch the flu. Our government was not given the power to shut down private business. We need to petition the courts for an injunction to stop this power grab.”

amp: “In Italy people are ‘dropping like flies’. There have been around 1800 deaths from coronavirus, in an average year traffic fatalities in Italy run around 3300. Flu deaths in Italy averaged a little over 17,000 over four flu seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17. The media still hasn’t made it clear why mass quarantine/lockdowns are the order of the day for coronavirus when they’ve never been implemented even on a small scale for the also deadly flu. This is conspiracy theory fodder if there ever was conspiracy fodder. Infowars, you’re letting us down. Either explain this by the numbers, or start running with some serious NWO conspiracy shit…”

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