COVID-19: Where Extreme Tyranny, Revisionist Zionist Deception and the Global Genocide Agenda Meet

If you didn’t get the full picture yet, or if you still doubt that the global genocide agenda is real, here’s something that might finally put it all in the right perspective for you.

But first…

Extreme tyranny? Yes. Look around you. People are forced to wear face masks for a virus that is merely as dangerous as the seasonal flu. In public places there now is one-way traffic for pedestrians and deceptive apps are tracking everyone you come into contact with.

On top of that, we are being told that a covid-19 vaccine will cure the whole world, all the while that vaccine will be no more efficient than the seasonal flu shot – which is, according to Bill Gates, only effective in 45% of the cases. Meaning: The flu shot is WORTHLESS and so it will be for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Although you’d ideally want a vaccine to have 100 percent efficacy, many don’t. For example, this year’s flu vaccine is around 45 percent effective. – Bill Gates, World Economic Forum, May 4, 2020

Global genocide agenda? As insane as it may sound, yes. There is such an agenda. And it’s all unfolding RIGHT NOW. I’ve written about that on March 6, 2020.

Read: The 9 Stages of Genocide – Target: Everyone Who Dares to Resist the Enslavement and Oppression.

And on March 21, 2020.

Read: Warning: We Just Entered Stage 6 of the Global Genocide Agenda

Revisionist zionist deception? Yes. And that’s where everything ties together. Many people don’t want to hear or read this kind of information but that will not make this reality go away. The more and the longer people ignore this truth, the harder it becomes to destroy this hellish hive machine that has been implemented.

As you can read in the 9-Stage Genocide report (linked above) the idea is to incrementally turn this COVID-19 plandemic into a war campaign against “anti-semites” (a.k.a. the ‘targets’, see Stage 2 in the report).

Thinking that this is far-fetched? Think again!

Go to RT’s August 1, 2020 articleThousands March in Berlin Against Mandatory Masks & Covid-19 Measures“.

This photo too is what you will find there:

What is the board saying that the woman with the pink face mask is holding? “kein platz für anti semitismus distantz iert euch“. Or in English: “no place for anti semitism distance yourself“.

What is that message doing there in this ‘counter-protest’ against the march for freedom in Berlin?

It’s doing what the 9-Stage Genocide agenda prescribes. It’s turning the COVID-19 plandemic into a war campaign against “anti-semites” (the ‘targets’, Stage 2). That board didn’t just magically pop up there. It has a very specific purpose.

Can you see what the organization is, that has printed that board?

It’s the Berliner VVN-BdA, a.k.a. Germany’s antifa. Check their website. Compare the logo on the board (bottom right) with the logo on their website. It’s them. It’s antifa.

It’s also antifa that is being used in the U.S., to trigger a civil war there. Obviously, also not by accident – but by design. It’s all planned, hence PLANdemic.

Remember, revisionist zionists bet on all horses. Not one, not two. ALL. As long as it advances their agenda:

“Right Sector [Ukraine’s neo-nazis] leadership has also publicly gone out of its way to reassure Ukrainian Jews that the Jewish community has a safe and secure future in post-Maidan Ukraine. Right Sector leadership has also publicly gone out of its way to reassure Ukrainian Jews that the Jewish community has a safe and secure future in post-Maidan Ukraine. In February, Yarosh met with Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Din El to and told him that the Right Sector rejects anti-Semitism and xenophobia and would not tolerate it. Subsequent to the meeting, the Israeli embassy posted a statement on its website noting that Yarosh ‘stressed that Right Sector will oppose all [racist] phenomena, especially anti-Semitism, with all legitimate means.'” –  Foreign Policy, May 7, 2014

Bill Gates is evil, we all know that by now, but he too is being used by the revisionist zionist puppeteers and he does, indeed, seem to enjoy the shit out of it. Or they have some really nasty dirt on him. Either way, he’s one of them and we need to address and change this reality immediately. Not tomorrow, now!

It’s all right there for everyone to see folks. Do something with this information!

There’s a reason why this website is called IntelCaster, it’s because you won’t find this kind of information anywhere else.

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