Read THIS First: Redeployment of

Since the end of March 2020 I have not been publishing any updates at because I did not have the time nor the chance to do so. The Control Grid Syndicate their rollout of COVID-1984 has prevented me from providing you – my friends, my followers and the public at large – essential intel.

During this time also my source of income, just like it is for millions of other people, has been destroyed. I am now relying on my website to get back on track, financially. This is the only way for me to put food on the table. There are no jobs for me out there, nor are there any jobs for the hundreds of millions of people who also lost their jobs and businesses during the 2019-2020 plandemic. This is the reality of the world we live in today.

I have removed most of the content on my website because I want you to focus on what is ahead of us. Most of what I have written in the past on my website is pretty much irrelevant compared to the content that is still up and the content that I will publish in the coming months (and the, hopefully, coming years).

Although I have published “stunning” (as one reader described it, not my opinion) and hard-hitting reports in the past, for those who have been following me long enough – you know this very well, the GLOBAL COVID SCAM has forced me to take things to a completely new level. Hence the redeployment of

Obviously, I need your help to get out of this clusterfuck but I don’t want free handouts. That’s not how I work and that’s not the purpose of this website. In return for your support and donations I will continue to provide you the intel that you need to get us all through this dystopian episode in the history of humanity.

Send your emails to when you want to contact me. Thank you.

Now, lets look forward and lets plan together how we can strike back and exterminate this hellish hive machine that has been put in place, in which we and our children are supposed to be living in oppression and enslavement.