The Revisionist Zionist Cult has Provably Hijacked the Hydroxychloroquine Debate

I’m not going to lecture you on how the mainstream media (left and right) is largely controlled by the revisionist zionist cult. You should already know that by now. Simply look at who is responsible for the mainstream 9/11 narrative and why the mainstream press continues to peddle it. It goes back more than 4 decades.

So, we can skip forward to the fact that the entire hydroxychloroquine debate has been hijacked by that same cult.

On one hand we have the (left) mainstream press destroying hydroxychloroquine while at the same time the (right) mainstream press is claiming that hydroxychloroquine is one of the best cures for COVID19 when used as early as possible (within the first days of any flu-like symptoms).

Before moving on, let me remind you how the same cult recently started to try to transform the COVID19 plandemic into a war campaign against “anti-semites”, by using antifa also in Germany:

no place for anti semitism distance yourself“. – Berliner VVN-BdA, a.k.a. Germany’s antifa at the counter-protest in Berlin on August 1, 2020

The above reminder is crucial when you want to understand how the hydroxychloroquine debate has been hijacked.

On July 30, 2020 Dr. Simone Gold was a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show. They briefly talked about the banning of the American Frontline Doctors video and the history of hydroxychloroquine usage in the U.S.

In the 12-minute clip, which you can find here or here, Beck states that his ‘good friend’ Mark Levin is part of the reason why the American Frontline Doctors video was produced.

Mark Levin is a Jewish lawyer and radio host, who is one of the favorite allies of the Netanyahu revisionist zionist cult.

Mark Levin Honored at the Friends of Zion Museum

Mark Levin, host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show, Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News, and a former adviser in the Reagan administration, was honored with the ‘FOZ Defender Award’ for his steadfast support of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Levin’s broadcasts have influenced his listeners to stand with Israel and the Jewish people […]

He continued in thanking Israel’s Christian friends for their support, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson for their generous philanthropy, and the Friends of Zion Museum for its work in strengthening the State of Israel. – Cision PR Newswire, July 8, 2019

The fact that the hydroxychloroquine debate has been hijacked doesn’t mean that hydroxychloroquine isn’t an acceptable cure for a coronavirus infection.

Overall, there are far more voices in the medical community that are supportive of hydroxychloroquine usage than there are against hydroxychloroquine usage.

The reasons why hydroxychloroquine is being attacked as a cure:

  1. Because it’s cheap to get, and in many countries over-the-counter, so no fresh billions of dollars for big pharma. Hence Bill Gates his aggressive and possibly deadly campaigns for COVID19 vaccines.
  2. Because it divides the public once more. And that is the whole idea of the 9-stage genocide agenda.

Prove me wrong…

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