Activists Around the World WIN Important Information Battle as “World Mask Week” Results in TOTAL FLOP (2020/8/12) – The week-long global event, launched by the newly created Pandemic Action Network, is supposed to be a pivotal campaign in the network’s information war against the free world. Instead, World Mask Week is eclipsed by activists and concerned citizens their growing resentment of the oppressive measures being rolled out by governments, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum as these institutions also continue to spread lie after lie about the dangers of, and cures for, COVID-19.

Last week, the Pandemic Action Network (PAN) announced the start of the so-called World Mask Week (August 7-14). “A global movement to inspire more people to wear face coverings to help stop the spread of COVID-19”, the network’s website states.

Despite COVID-19 dominating the newswires and the many aggressive propaganda campaigns to enforce the wearing of face masks, PAN’s Facebook page only has 290 followers as of today. The World Health Organization didn’t even bother to mention the campaign on their Facebook page.

Although PAN is an alliance that includes the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the African Union, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Doomsday Clock), the Federation of American Scientists, Global Citizen, Johnson & Johnson, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and others, their multi-billion dollar backing turns out to be completely worthless and appears to be no match for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who are fighting back against their oppression and enslavement.

The fact that you probably have never heard of World Mask Week or haven’t even seen the #WorldMaskWeek hashtag internet campaign is not because PAN relies on amateur spin doctors and incompetent social engineers. On the contrary, during the past 6 months we have all personally witnessed the destructive disinformation and misinformation campaigns by, and have been living under the prison planet agenda of, the UN, the World Economic Forum and the ‘big pharma’ cartel headed by Bill Gates.

There’s only one reason why World Mask Week is A TOTAL FLOP and that is because the tireless activism and campaigning, by people who have had enough of the COVID-19 deception and the oppressive tactics that come with it, are paying off.

This is one of those few crucial moments in our modern times where it becomes glaringly clear that no matter how much force is being used by police brigades against the public and no matter how much money is being spent by corporations and governments in their attempts to enslave entire populations, true ‘people power’ – founded on people their survival instinct and their will to defend their freedom and dignity – will always destroy dictatorships. Whether these exist nationally or globally.

In the News Today℠ salutes all the activists out there who have been defending everyone’s freedom and dignity during the past six months. You too are the real ‘frontliners’!

However, we must all stay vigilant during the next months and years. The disastrous results of World Mask Week are in and the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will try to strike back.

The war on liberty and sanity is far from over.

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