Google Chrome’s 70% Market Share is a Worrying Sign of a World Population that is Uninformed

Why people still use Google Chrome is beyond me.

It’s not like it is information that is hard to find, Google is evil. The company wages information wars and psyops against everyone who uses their search engine and it spies on people who use their browser (Chrome).

Why then are people still using Chrome (and Google search) when there are very, very decent alternatives? Including Firefox as a browser and DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

Google Chrome, it is claimed, has a 70% market share when it comes to internet browser usage. This is partially confirmed also through the data that this website,, gathers and analyzes.

The obvious reason why ‘only’ 49% of our website visitors use Chrome is of course because people who want to read our content are better informed than the average person.

However, 49% is still a worrying number because it means that half of our website visitors still trust Google as a company.

Conclusion: At IntelCaster we will have to work much harder on informing our readers and supporters about why they should switch to an other browser.

Are you still using Chrome? Please, stop it!

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