Millie Weaver – Patrick Bergy – Alex Jones – Shadow Gate & Social Media Influencer Operations

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Update: Alex Jones is backpedaling away from the documentary and claiming Millie Weaver was not arrested for the documentary but a “family dispute”. Jones, Sunday Show, 16 August 2020, 11 minutes in.

Since when do you get a Grand Jury Indictment of a “family dispute”?

Roger Stone rang him and was upset he was included in the documentary.
Millie Weaver was stated by Alex Jones to be “bad mouthing” Trump in the infowars Tuesday 11th August.

Roger Stone is a “deep state” operator par excellence. He admitted in 2018 he played cards with arch neo-con Bill Kristol, first Sunday of every month. Jones is clearly backpedaling. Regardless, let it all reveal itself. I don’t want to see Jones off air. I just want people to realize what and who he is and take what you need. Remember, Trump is the hero.

Infowars interviews Deep State social media manipulator Patrik Bergy of the documentary Shadow Gate. Infowars contractor Millie Weaver and her husband were arrested on Friday 14 August 2020.

The doco Shadow Gate was to be honest fairly shallow, the interview between Patrick Berger and Alex Jones on Fridays Infowars was far more interesting. We go over it. He actually mentions Israel as a major player – something never said in the Shadow Gate documentary. The documenary itself was pulled off You Tube late Sunday afternoon for “hate speech”.

Interesting points made in interview. You will learn…

*Roger Stone worked with one of the worst offenders of social media targeting. Also Paul Mannafort.

*Alex Jones stated Millie Weaver was bad mouthing Donald Trump on Tuesday last week. Jones was not happy.

*Patrick Bergy and Millie Weaver and her husband kept away from Alex Jones on the issues. Patrick Bergy admits to Alex Jones he was not keen to approach him.

* No mention of the KING of private intelligence agencies – Stratfor. Alex Jones favorite people.

*Israel is Wikileaks via Wikistrat – glad I wasnt the only one who said it as did many of you. Partick Bergy stated this in a March 2017 interview. I was deeply impressed and saddened I had not heard of him and his partner in crime before. They are on the money in many things.

*I show where I stated Israel released the DNC emails via Wikileaks, December 2016 from Iran.

*Cambridge Analytica is mentioned, but not Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer who used it to get trump elected.

*Patrick Bergy s a smar toperator and explains the “core truth”…The people in power will attack Trump and or defend Trump as it suits them and their agenda. He knows his stuff.


Overall, it is a very interesting time.

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