‘Anti Fascist’ Group Announces “60 Days of Struggle” During US Presidential Elections

They call themselves “Refuse Fascism” and they want to provide a platform for all major co-opted ‘leftist’ movements in the US, starting September 5.

With the US clearly slipping into a civil war – as brainwashed ‘leftists’ seek the destruction of the US and right wing extremists call for the killing of leftist “terrorists” – and presidential elections coming up later this year, the American people are being pitted against each other in a vicious clash of doctrines while most of them have no clue how their country ended up in this mess.

On September 5 Refuse Fascism wants to launch “60 Days of Struggle“, as the group continues to seek the removal of the Trump administration by any means necessary.

“We can wait no longer for the side of justice to mobilize and act, or just cheer those on the frontlines in Portland and other places,” their website states. This further indicates that Refuse Fascism is part of the violent antifa collective, even though the group says it is a non-violent grassroots organization.

“On September 5th under the unifying demand of Trump/Pence Out Now, we should see the diversity of people who don’t want to live in a fascist America.

    • Front line health workers who have seen first-hand the human cost of this fascist regime’s science-hating response to COVID-19.
    • Teachers who fear their schools becoming sites of mass infection.
    • Youth who don’t know if they’ll have any future on this planet.
    • Black people who must not be forced back to Jim Crow terror and everyone who knows that Black lives do matter.
    • Immigrants whose families & communities have been terrorized & who don’t know if they can make a home here.
    • Women and LGBTQ people whose right to be full human beings this fascist regime is taking away.”

It is very obvious that Refuse Fascism is in fact a co-opted group of people that are being steered by cryptos who can only thrive when a population is divided and misinformed.

We can conclude this from the groups of people that they want to include in their actions and the narratives that they subscribe to.

One, we all should know by now that the official narratives about COVID-19 are deceptions. The tests are unreliable. The virus is merely a flu-like virus and therefore is not even close to being as deadly as it has been described by governments and the news media during the past 8 months. A safe vaccine will never be available, regardless of what the press and the World Health Organization want you to believe. The World Economic Forum its COVID19 Action Platform and Great Reset initiative prove that the ‘lockdowns’ around the world have nothing to do with a virus but have, instead, everything to do with a massive power grab by an out of control death cult.

Black Lives Matter has always been a psyop operation to instigate violence between different groups of people, both in the US and abroad.

Immigrants are who the US Democrats have put all their money on in desperate attempts to stay relevant in the two-party system.

But Refuse Fascism wants to take it even further and clearly shows that they only want to cause division. ‘White’ lives and Asian lives do not seem to matter to Refuse Fascism and they do not offer a detailed document for a political system that is supposed to replace the two-party system.

“Growing numbers of people with platforms of disproportionate influence – artists and celebrities from Hollywood to HipHop and sports, social media “influencers,” religious leaders, community, social, legal and environmental justice advocates, scientists and doctors… using their voices to amplify and popularize September 5 and its mission and raise necessary funds, who will come out on the 5th and take up this mission as their own.”


“This is a moment when every cause and movement for justice acts on the understanding of the reality that we are at a ‘Both’/’And’ Moment – for crucial struggles for immigrant, women’s, or Black, brown, native people’s rights AND for driving out the regime without which those rights will be demolished on a whole other level than people have seen before.”


“For Refuse Fascism’s (RF’S) point of view we are looking to inspire and unleash a dynamic where this movement goes far beyond the reach of RF – and in which the stand of RF: In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America! takes root and Refuse Fascism itself grows into a force that reaches and plays a crucial role in leading masses to demand Trump Pence Out Now. By October there needs to be a situation in this country where protests happen day after day.”


“sustained protests in October can and must lead to a situation where on Election Day people don’t just vote against Trump in big numbers but there are mobilized people/forces prepared to oppose – with massive, sustained non-violent protest – the fascist forces we know the Trump regime is planning to unleash.”

Their message is clear. America, vote for anyone except Trump. Even if that means voting for a greater evil than Trump that, just like Trump, will be owned by the revisionist zionist cartel.

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