My COVID Plan is to Reward People for Sharing the Truth About COVID-19 and the Great Depression of the 21st Century

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley

The livelihoods of already hundreds of millions of people around the world have been destroyed. Most of the jobs that have been lost are lost forever. Many of the businesses that have been forced to close will never open again.

The public is confused. Governments and the mainstream media are not giving clear answers to very simple questions.

Most people have yet to be informed about the fact that their livelihoods, freedom, dignity and sanity were deliberately taken away from them by a group of people, corporations and organizations that want to consolidate all their power and wealth as they launch the 4th industrial revolution.

The Right to Know

We all have the right to know what events and agendas exactly have caused the situation that we now find ourselves in. We all have the right to know this because our lives have been impacted and have been fundamentally changed without our consent.

These changes have been forced upon us. This new anti-human society is being imposed by those who can only thrive when there is chaos and suffering everywhere.

We have the right, and it is our duty, to fight back. It is our duty to take back our lives, our dignity and our natural rights that were given to us the day we were born.

The Right to Earn

It is not because our livelihoods were destroyed on purpose that our right to earn a living no longer exists. Whatever the “new world order behind closed doors“, as the new UN song “We Will Rise” puts it, its plans are we will always have the natural right to do the jobs that we really want to do and the natural right to build our own businesses in accordance with our own dreams.

We will always have the natural right to create and secure our own individual legacies. No one can take that away from us.


No oppressor, of any kind anywhere on this planet, will ever be strong enough, rich enough or evil enough to enslave humanity completely. For as long as one of us stands up to a tyranny, any such tyranny will always be a failed experiment.

That is why I created My COVID Plan. Because I strongly believe that the tyranny, this prison planet, that is deceptively being built around us can be brought down like a house of cards. After all, it was devised by narcissistic individuals who are totally insecure deep inside their hearts and minds. They will always lack the courage to face us personally and do the oppressing themselves, which is why they constantly have to figure out new illusive ways to stay in their positions of merely perceived power and influence.

With My COVID Plan anyone with an internet connection can participate in a simple system that rewards people for wanting to share crucial information about COVID-19 and the Great Depression of the 21st century.

As Google, Amazon and Facebook reported a combined revenue of US$ 145.88 billion for the second quarter of 2020, I see no reason why we – under the current circumstances – should not create our own opportunities to get rewarded for giving people access to information that they are entitled to.

Reward: $2.50 Referral Commission

My COVID Plan is a citizen initiative, an information product and an affiliate program. Everyone has free access to the system. Free members have limited access to the content that is published on the website, while paying members have access to the full content. Full access only costs US$4, this is a one-time contribution.

From that $4, $2.50 is paid out as a referral commission for the person who refers a new member. The remaining $1.50 is used to operate the system (expenses for the website, the hosting,…) and to fund more campaigns and activism against those who have destroyed our livelihoods and who want to continue with their enslavement of everyone on this planet.

What Information is Being Shared?

The content of My COVID Plan is divided in 4 Sections.

Section 1: The Beginning

Section 1 is about the beginning of the COVID-19 “pandemic” and the Great Depression of the 21st century. How it all started, who said what and what the tactics were that resulted in the global campaign against the free world.

Section 2: The Campaign Against the Free World

Section 2 describes how society on this planet is being manipulated into submission to mega corporations, lobby groups, cryptos (people who secretly belong to or work for a sect, a political party or an interest group), the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and several other organizations.

Section 3: The Resistance

In Section 3 you can find special reports and investigations by the My COVID Plan team, as we fight back against the lies, the deceptions and the overall agenda to enslave humanity.

Section 3 can be about you or your work too when you are actively resisting the campaign to enslave the free world. You can also join our team when you are an investigator or (citizen) journalist.

Section 4: The Right to Earn

Section 4 is about protecting and building a livelihood during the “pandemic” and the Great Depression of the 21st century. Here you can find information about job opportunities, business ideas and how to secure your assets.

Not Just About the Money

To prove to everyone that My COVID Plan is not just about the money, I invite all free members to personally get involved in My COVID Plan.

When you don’t want to pay for your upgrade, a choice that I appreciate and respect, you can earn your upgrade by writing or producing EXCLUSIVE content for My COVID Plan, for any Section of the website.

When I accept your work, an article, an investigation, a video report or even a captivating graphic I will upgrade your account.

Why Pay at All?

That is a good question, and there are several answers.

  1. You don’t have to pay. You can continue your life and forget all about My COVID Plan.
  2. You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to or if you can’t. There are ways to earn your upgrade. Either by writing or producing exclusive content for My COVID Plan or by referring members.
  3. The “new normal” and 4th industrial revolution society is a society where people will be forced to rely on government handouts only. That’s not why humans are born. Humans are born to be creative and productive. When everyone gets “free money” from the government people do not produce anymore and they are not creative anymore either.
  4. Activism in any form requires effort, dedication, patience and time. So, it’s only fair that those who actively participate get rewarded for it in return. The more active that you are, the more you can get rewarded.

Visit the My COVID Plan website here to get started.

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