As The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is Being Proposed the EU Wants CO2 Taxes on Imported/Exported Goods

It’s not a coincidence that the World Economic Forum and the EU their plans are aligned and that they are being introduced at the same time.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset agenda is about consolidating power for mega corporations and control grid mechanisms like the EU and the UN.

The EU is now assisting the WEF, as the WEF seeks the total destruction of middle class businesses around the world, by introducing a CO2 tax on imported/exported goods coming in or leaving the communist bloc.

This new mechanism would make it very hard for small European businesses to comply with the dictates of the EU. Not only because CO2 taxation would bring a lot more bureaucratic obstacles with it, but also because middle class businesses would in the end be unable to survive in an economy where mega corporations can buy their way in or around such a CO2 taxation scheme.

Middle class businesses are already suffering because their governments continue to impose unnecessary and irrational “lockdowns”. If their governments are going to impose additional CO2 taxes – and also new taxes on non-recyclable plastic waste and a digital tax – then these businesses have no chance of surviving this global power grab because only the mega corporations would have the needed debt-based funds to comply with these new taxation schemes.

The World Economic Forum and the EU must be defunded and dismantled immediately so we can end this tyranny once and for all.

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