About IntelCaster

Designed for the 21st century information wars, IntelCaster is a leading international Resistance outpost through which Arthur F. Wayne, creator of IntelCaster, relays more than a decade of research into “alternative” media and information warfare.

“In the past decade, I’ve turned from an alternative media newbie, in 2009 (I actually believed, at one point, that Alex Jones was the “tip of the spear” and that “Zeitgeist” was a 21st century oracle), into a monostream-dissecting menace (for the many who hate me) who recognizes the pattern that has been unfolding right in front of our eyes for at least a half decade. A pattern that describes how the audiences of “authoritative” news agencies and the audiences of their “fringe” counterparts are being merged for a much bigger plan that, itself, has been sitting on the drawing board for several decades.

So, I can certainly imagine how an uninitiated person, anywhere on this planet, must feel in this toxic and open information warfare laboratory that has turned society into an augmented reality.” – Arthur F. Wayne in “The Monostream Media is a Dangerous Joke


IntelCaster’s main purpose is to help info rebels, activists and new Resistance recruits understand 21st century information warfare. We accomplish this by providing crucial intel and dedicated training, which enables people to safely steer through the countless information minefields.


About Arthur F. Wayne

Since 2009, under various pen names, Mr. Wayne has been contributing to the worldwide rebellion that is standing up against the control grid syndicate’s enslavement and oppression. Through the years Mr. Wayne has exposed several high-level crimes and conspiracies including the 2011 Fukushima attacks and the UN’s 2014 ebola frauds.

To get into contact with Mr. Wayne send your communication to contact@intelcaster.com or use the website contact form.