About IntelCaster

In the 21st century information warfare is the main form of warfare, globally. As government agencies, politicians, lobbies, corporations, the news media and cryptos (persons who secretly belong to a party, sect, or other group) wage highly advanced and extremely dangerous information wars, the public and the truth are the main targets and victims. The main purpose of these wars is to bring about a global genocide through medical tyranny and through the creation of a prison planet.


As an information monitoring and information dissemination service, the central mission of IntelCaster (intelcaster.com) is to assure that the public is aware about, and understands, these information wars and what their ultimate purpose is.


IntelCaster is privately funded and also relies on donations.

To contribute through PayPal, send your donations to koen-jacobs@hotmail.com. For other donation options and details, please contact us through the website.

Our bitcoin address: 14T6Cwa352SJdB4fCu98ShnLcNsVCmbR2B


We try to compensate our administrators, staff, volunteers and freelancers for their work but the amounts that they receive depend on the funds that are available. In 2020, we have not been able yet to pay out any compensations.

The hosting for the IntelCaster website currently costs US$33.88 per year (due every December 6).

The domain name costs US$13.16 per year (due every May 4).

The utility bills amount to US$76.06 per month, or US$912.72 annually.