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Due to the sheer amount of manufactured (terror) attacks and shootings; economic, sectarian, biological, medical, geological and weather warfare campaigns throughout history it is impossible to cover each and every single one of them on one page. In fact, these manufactured attacks and other warfare campaigns would fill an entire series of encyclopedias if we were to describe all of their narratives and the people who were/are involved.


The attacks on Japan on March 11, 2011 prove that there’s no limit to what the control grid syndicate will do to enslave humanity.

The first clue indicating that something is wrong with the ‘official’ story, about the Fukushima attacks, is the falsification of the timestamp of the reported tsunami-triggering earthquake. Also, it was the USGS first that claimed that the earthquake was a 8.8 magnitude event, not Japanese authorities – enabling the USGS to hijack the narrative and the dataincluding the modified Mercalli scale.

The second clue indicating foul play at the hands of the control grid syndicate is the fact that the NRC (and likely the USGS as well) were in the middle of a “drill” (exercise) enacting the actual Fukushima events as they happened that day. What are the odds?

Although Israeli front company Magna BSP had/has contracts with Japan’s nuclear power plant companies and did/does have internet connections with Fukushima nuclear power plants, their rumored involvement in the attacks has never been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Stuxnet was already spreading in Japan in 2010 but the Israeli-U.S. computer virus its alleged role in the Fukushima attacks has never been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.


September 11, 2001 marks the beginning of the 21st century (online) information wars, finding its origin in the Jonathan Institute’s 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.

Evidence of foreknowledge, deception and conspiracy (plotting, conspiring) can be found: