Priority Objectives

Last update March 21, 2020

1. Networking & Recruiting

Resistance Outposts are urged to scale up their communications with each other in order to:

  • Streamline and expand the information dissemination networks
  • Outline and implement efficient recruiting programs and mechanisms


2. Nine (9) Stages of Genocide Blueprint

Resistance Outposts are urged to discuss, and create awareness about, the “nine stages of genocide“. It’s the central blueprint in the wars that are being waged against Resistance Outposts and it is a cornerstone of the control grid syndicate’s full-spectrum dominance agenda.


3. 2019-nCoV Psyop

Uncover who is responsible for the manipulation and scripting of top level statements (WEF, UN, WHO, Worldbank) concerning the 2019-2020 coronavirus outbreak. Evidence shows that the ‘outbreak’ is a psychological operation that has been rolled out to advance very sinister agendas.


4. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Backup Systems

Resistance Outposts are urged to set up peer-to-peer communication and publishing systems to ensure the continuation of communication and information dissemination in the event of:

  • Email and messaging disruptions
  • Attacks on websites, applications and platforms

Bitmessage is highly recommended as a backup communication system. Resistance Outposts are urged to download the Bitmessage client and get familiarized with the interface and use of Bitmessage addresses to send emails and messages.

To publish and share information and content on the peer-to-peer web, Beaker Browser is recommended.


5. Print and Archive

Resistance Outposts are urged to support efforts that focus on preserving crucial information. Information that is printed on paper helps to ensure that information is preserved and passed on.

Anything that is not printed out is considered nonexistent in the event of internet disruptions and blackouts.

Print out and archive documents, articles, research and communication:

  • To ensure the existence of information
  • For training and educational purposes